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Award Winning Loose Leaf Teas

urskinsworthit.com Certified Organic & Fair Trade Teas Urskinsworthit From The inside Out!
Collect Them All Magnetic Tea Tins

Jasmine Blueberry Tea

 Protecting you all day from harmful UV Radiation. Catectins and polyphenols improve the elastity of the skin improve the density and removing roughness and scaling by increasing water content. Anti-microbial, anti-prolieferative Jasmine lowers the heart rate, produces calm vigorious moods. Jasmine helps with obesity, oral health, diabetes, boosts immune system,and lowers blood presure. White Tea promotes the preservation of tissues and blood vessels promoting longevity and overall health. Blueberries are one of the top ten supper foods for skin. Enjoy this delightful blend of delicious tea from Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa.

Jasmine Blueberry Tea 4oz. Magnetic Tin
18.00 USD

Organic white tip green tea infused with jasmine petals and succulent organic blueberries! This tea is packed with EGCG's the power of anti-oxidants, altering the DNA of harmful FREE Radicals making them harmless.


Four Onces Of Tea Comes In Each Magnetic Tea Tin Only At Urskinsworthit!

Japanese Gen Matcha Tea
16.00 USD

4oz. Magnetic Clear Top Tin Ideal For Acne & Skin Conditions Dragon Crisp - Gen Mai Cha, hand-dusted, then gently blended with Grade A Matcha. Recommend for longevity, effective used as a compress. Organic Green Tea, Roasted Rice Kernels

Japanese Fresh Greens 4oz. Magnetic Tea Tin
16.00 USD

Powerful Antioxidant Blend Citrusy and refreshing, this lemony green tea infusion steeps a mellow, light green cup. Perfect as an iced tea or as a mid-afternoon pick me up. Never has green tea tasted so good! Organic Green tea, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Lemon.

English Sri Lankan Black Tea 4oz. Magnetic Tea Tin
17.00 USD

Biodynamic Farming Beyond Organic.Grown harvested organic, biodynamic farming embraces Single Estate ecosystem, creating a superior black tea. Steeps a smooth malty cup with a clean finish, providing a robust flavor.

Organic White Winter Chai Tea 8oz. Magnetic Tin
25.00 USD

Cozy up this winter with this spicy white tea infusion and allow the sweet, comforting aroma of our exotic chai spices swirl under your nose and rest delicately on your palate with each flavorful sip. White Tea, Black Peppercorns, Cinnamon,Fennel, Cloves, Cardamom, Star Anise, Natural Flavors

Organic White Amore 8oz. Magnetic Tea Tin
28.00 USD

Elite Floral Essence This delightful blend, with its light floral essence and smooth minty finish, is perfect pick-me-up or as a late night elixir to refresh the mind and enhance the mood. White Tea, Rose Petals, Mint, Lavender Winner: Buyer's Choice (Best Blended Tea) 2013 World Tea Expo


Tea & Your Skin

Delicious organic and fair trade tea's for skin, longivety and overall good health. Jam packed with Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG (antioxdant, antimicrobial, antiprolieferative, FREE Radical scavenging effects) vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E, F, P, & U plus several different minerals. These antioxidants in tea are so powerful they literally stop cancer forming cells in their tracks, no longer do harmful FREE radicals and UV Radiation stand a chance. Nothing contains as many catechins in it as a cup of tea here is a comparison supplements have maximum 400mg per capsule, compaired to one cup of tea with 1402mg. Tea can stop chronic skin disorders, reverse visible signs of aging, increase energy, help you loose weight, increase memory and focus ability, reduce stress, lower blood presure, reduce cholesterol, clease the colon, improve digestion and most important for more more beautiful skin is a wonderful nights rest! To see more on the science of tea and herbs and how they can help you visit our educational page or make an appointment for a free consultaion let us help you achieve your personal goals with service you can trust! Call Today (817)658-3649

Drink Tea For Longevity!


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  • Jason (Wednesday, March 06 13 01:13 pm EST)

    I've been drinking the tea I received from Hope and wow this is really good and good for you. I had a cup of Holy Basil before bed and slept all night without waking up. Also customer service and
    followup is very good. I was well taken care of and you can tell Hope was truley concerned about me and my needs.

  • Jill (Thursday, January 03 13 07:00 pm EST)

    I have had severe adrenal issues occasionally my entire life. About a year ago I was to the point I had to be on medical leave... A few days ago I had an adrenal crash. Normally it takes days to
    recover and to be able to get any kind of sleep after a crash. I thought to try the Organic Tulsi "Holy Basil" tea that I had purchased! All I can say is WOW! I wasn’t even finished with the 16 oz
    glass I was drinking when I felt my whole system calm down. I drank two more glasses and was able to sleep some that night and back to work the next day. This is unheard of for me…this tea is
    AMAZING!... Try it, you won’t be sorry!

  • June (Wednesday, December 26 12 08:00 pm EST)

    WOW, can not say enough about what drinking the all natural tea has done for me. After cutting regular sweet tea out of diet and drinking the White Winter Chai, Cran Marnier, Hibiscus Cooler, Tea For
    Her and Cleanse Tea I have lost 12 pounds. I use the tumbler on the go and drink tea all during the day. Has also cut the desire for a soft drink. Wonderful, I am sold I go home after a long day of
    work and drink a tea to calm my mind, body and soul.



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