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IQ Intelligence For Men
0.00 USD

Man Up Customized Facial. Addresses skin concerns for the male client. This 1 hour facial, neck, shoulder and scalp treatment is stress and inflammation focused, deep pore cleansing and exfoliating facial plus nourishing multivitamin mask, penetrating botanical moisturizer and SPF30.

Global Skin Specialist In Corrective Skin Therapy


Master In Corrective Treatments

That Deliver Flawless Skin


 We have the knowledge to treat your skin and correct it. Trained by leading educator in darker skin tones 3-6 Pamela Springer owner of Global Skin Solutions & Author of, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. Do you need our help? We will work side by side with you training you on your home care and treating your needs and delivering results in a cost effective maner. We use organic skin care and non-invasive therapies. 

 Tired of discolorations, shave bumps, acne and acne scars, ashy skin tones, enlarged pores. We together will accomplish flawless skin. All you have to do is follow your home care instructions, stick to your treatment plan till the end, and watch as each treatment brings closer to your goal. We can customize a treatment plan for you. 

 Call us today for a free consultation and skin analysis. (817)658-3649

Botanical Buff Exfoliating Facial package
0.00 USD

Smoother, firmer, more vibrant skin emerges during advanced treatment incorporating micro-current skin scrubber, exfoliating prickly pear and poppy seed buffing replenishing enzyme hydrating mask, Apple Stem cell Serum Customized Moisturizer, SPF30.

Signature Organic Facial Package
0.00 USD

Youth renewal treatment intense skin refinement. Stimulates new skin cell production, paramedical formulation derived from fruit extracts and multi-teas. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and then therapeutically treated for maximum revitalization.

Total Timeout Facial Package
0.00 USD

Timeout reduce stress treatment is recommended for skin that has experienced immoderate exposure to sun, heat, cold or wind. Especially great for transitioning, winter skin to spring, customized essential oils therapeutic massage,botanical exfoliation, nourishing mask, moisturizer and SPF.

Exotic Moisture Dew Facial & Body Package
0.00 USD

Nurturing head to toe with rich fruit extracts masques and creams will cleanse and exfoliate your face, essential oil blissful scalp massage,whipped chocolate bean and mint body therapy massage.Long-lasting noticeable hydration of exotic refreshing treats!

Timeless Anti-Aging Facial package
0.00 USD

Vitamin repair of photoaging sun damage while reducing fine lines improving vitality, tone, coloration of the skin. Excellent anti-aging and skin boosting therapy. Exfoliating pulp and seeds, from herbs and fruits, nourishing skin,while boosting collagen elastin production.

Zen Flower Power Facial Package
0.00 USD

Totally drenched in fresh rosehips, roses and hibiscus essential therapy packed with vitamin C plus a 30 Minute essential oil Zen Massage. You'll be rejuvenated, leave you with smoother, tighter and brighter skin.