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Urskinsworthit Spa Is The Host Two Day Event Post Grad Certifacation In Arlington TX.

Who Is & What Does...Pamela Springer & Global Skin Solutions Offer To Professional Skin Therapists?

 Hello, I'm Hope owner of Urskinsworthit Spa in Arlington TX. It has been my dream to host Global Skin Solutions Training Class since I took her class last year. Not only is Pamela Springer the most wonderful teacher she brings a need to know what no one else has to offer...Darker Skin Solutions with results! You will learn why ethnic backround of all your clients is key to a successful treatment plan. You will be provided hands on experience in layering peels to overcome conditions like acne scars, hyperpigmentation spots and more. Leave feeling confident you can treat darker skin safely and effectively! Now what's that worth to your business!

 Since my training I have confidence in treating darker skin and have seen amazing results. Wanna see how amazing Pamela Springer really is...check her out at ASCP she's a leader in this amazing skin professional association. Pamela is a leader in the State Board Licensing commission, her product line and school are located in Scottsdale AZ. Click on the picture it will lead you to her website. Call us at Urskinsworthit to reserve a seat for this amazing opportunity. You will be certified in layering peels and correcting darker skins. we will have a date soon we do know the class will be held on a Sunday & Monday.

Thank You, Hope


This Week In The News: Skin Analysis Why Get It Done... What Will It Tell You... Why It's Important Before Every Skin Treatment

www.urskinsworthit.com Why Is Skin Analysis So Important

Let's Understand Skin Analysis!

I am Hope.. Advanced Licensed & Insured Skin Therapist & Master Herbalist.

Hello & Welcome... To the would of holistic skin health news and education! 

In The News...Skin Analysis
Why Is Essential To have A Skin Analysis Every Visit To Your Skin Therapist...What Should You The Client Learn From A Skin Analysis...What Can Be Repaired... With What Treatment... How Many Treatments... How Much Will It Cost...Finally What Can Not Be Repaired?
Welcome To This Weeks...
In The News...What's new...What's safe & What's not!
I'm Hope Author & Owner of Urskinsworthit. We have much to cover, I'll to my best to give you the client some basic understanding about skin analysis and why is so important to you. I'll begin with every spa is required to have trained licensed insured skin therapists. The fact is a spa is still retail sales, so they are trained to up sell you on products and services. I am here to help you with, what you can expect, what you need to know, what the treatment can accomplish, how many treatments will you need, finally....what to avoid because it does not work! Now remember I am talking about in a spa and some skin concerns need medical attention to repair, when in doubt I recommend a Dermatologist. I will go over some of these cases with you later.
Setting the Gold Standard for Professional Skin Solutions Urskinsworthit
What Is Skin Analysis? Skin analysis is a tool for the professional skin therapist to have a structured, skin based conversation with a client, involving them through the process. Skin analysis is a chance to identify and confirm the clients concerns, recommend the correct professional treatment and effectively prescribe a home care regimen. A good informed skin analysis each time you see your client builds a lasting relationship. As a client you are looking to hear your skin therapist tell you after a good cleansing with steam and your consultation card filled out, using their tools like Mag Lamps, Skin Scanners & Woods Lamps what they see is your skins health? Your therapist should be touching and lightly pinching your skin covering every inch in a uniform movement covering neck, ears, scalp, face, hands and nails and body, your therapist will ask you... what concerns you have and what you are looking to achieve. If you are a regular client it's just as important you can't your analysis every visit. Many things can change in only a few weeks, your health is one, the other is to follow the progress of the treatments you have been receiving. Please tell your therapist the truth about your health, medications, how your skin reacted to treatments you had done to your skin, where and when is also essential. During this time your therapist is looking for, reason, recognize, reiterate and recommend. If you purchased anything more than a facial before your skin analysis let's say on the internet make sure there is a refund available if your skin can not tolerate a more aggressive treatment at that time. Don't get discouraged if you wanted a microdermabrasion or chemical peel and your therapist refuses to do the treatment. The good news is if your therapist does not refer you to a doctor chances are, your therapist will recommend and train you on a prescribed home care regimen and some facials to improve on your dermal skin health so you can get effective results from the treatments you desire, this may only be a couple weeks, maybe only 48-72 hours, if all your therapist needs is a skin test for allergies. This means in my eyes you found a good skin therapist that knows what they're doing. Less is more in my eyes when it comes to sensitive skin, acme, eczema, rosacea and capillary damage. So if you already know you have any of these concerns set up an appointment for a consultation and look for the skin analysis I described before you even allow a spa to conduct a treatment on you! Your therapist should be a good listener and be happy to serve you in a professional manor.
Understanding Your Skin...
Skin is the largest organ of the body and if it's functioning properly it will protect you from the environment, keep you warm, it will supply you with touch and let you know pain and joy, it detox impurities in the body, your skin sheds and renews itself when you're young about every 28 days and after your change or age 50 about every 50 days. Skin should have a water content of 50% if it is dehydrated you can tell by slightly pinching an area if you see lines in the skin between the pinched area you need more water. I can't stress enough water is key to healthy skin and body 8 glasses a day is recommended. As we age if we consume as much water as possible, only cleanse at night, use sunscreen SPF30 or higher threw out the day, eat a proper diet, get 6-8 hours of good sleep daily, use a toner daily and moisturizer with Vitamin C Ester, Multi-Fruits, Shea Butter, Sodium, Vitamin B's, Omega 3s & 6s you will be able to maintain naturally beautiful skin. As far as skin types, we are all born with the skin type we will have the rest of our lives. There are only five skin types Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive and Combination Skin. How do to tell what your skin types is? Well if your skin is Dry (A lipoid) your pores will be very small and your skin will feel tight and wrinkle easily, if your skin is Normal you will have plump, flexible skin texture and even skin tones, no open pores, wrinkles or fine lines, Oily skin tends to have larger pores, coarser skin, shiny possible commodones and breakouts, some wrinkles possible, Sensitive skin is thinner more delicate with impaired barrier function, more reactive capillaries it will be easily irritated and get redness over simple things like skin products, diet, allergies sometimes this skin gets large pores but more frequently it has smaller pores, finally Combination Skin this skin is easily congested, if it is combination of Oily in the T-Zone and Sensitive it may appear red, puffy, and shiny it could be very uncomfortable tight in areas and red plus be congested and have large pores in the T-Zone area which is nose, forehead and chin it may need special attention from your therapist. Your skin type is genetically determined, taking in to account the amount of oil secretion, skins sensitivity and capillary activity. Skin Disorders are conditions influenced by internal and external factors. Skin Disorders are abnormalities that occur due to a genetic malfunction: they can also be the result of an infectious fungus, virus or bacteria, and are usually not treated by a skin therapist. Conditions are made up of, Sensitized (Reactive) caused by stress, friction, incorrect products or usage, medication, sun, pollution, allergies it shows redness, inflamed, irritation and can be hard to see. Dehydrated lacks moisture, age, incoreect product or usage, diet, environment and medications it will appear flacky, tight on the surface, very fine lines, oiliness and comedones can be present. Hyper-Pigmentation is caused by sun or if exposed to the sun or tanning after being exposed to trauma, medications, age, stress, hormonal and fragrance it looks like brown spots it also can be show as white spots called Hypo-Pigmentation. Congested Skin happens when you have hormonal imbalance, comedo-genic ingredients, pollution, smokers, alcohol, friction or stress and looks like open soft and closed comedones that maybe visible or felt under the surface. Premature Aging is or final condition and caused by either genetics, sun, stress, free radicals, smoking, diet, not enough water or poor diet it shows wrinkles, loose skin, pigmentation, poor circulation, devitalized, lack of luster and is dry .The good news is a trained and skilled skin therapist can reverse most or all these conditions except hypo-pigmentation which is lacking melanin and it cannot be replaced. Non-Infectious Skin Disorders that can be treated by a good skin therapist they consist of Psoriasis is areas of skin that grow faster than the normal rate, resulting in scaling patches of skin, Eczema is irritation and redness on the skin, Irritant Dermatitis irritation when exposed to irritating substances, Actinic Keratosis Excessive sun exposer, Milia plugs of trapped sebum and dead skin cells, Solar Comedones UV damage to the sebaceous glands, Rosacea flushing/dilation of the capillaries, Crater Scars Scarring resulting from Acne that broke under the skin the infection digested good tissue leaving a crater , Port Wine Stain is a birth mark, Skin Tags flaps of skin growths, Carcinomas Sun Induced, Cherry Angioma over growth of capillaries, Telangiectasia Dialation of capillaries , Hives Allergic reaction on the skin and finally Xanthelasma small bumps also could be shave bumps or plaque's on the skin. All of these are treatable by a experienced well trained skin therapist. We do not treat Viral, Bacterial, Fungal or Parasitic skin disorders at all! You must seek a doctors care.
Many and to keep this short I just mention few you can research more on my website at http://www.urskinsworthit.com or request a subject you would like me to cover! If you have or think you have acne my rule is zero sulfates or detergents, cleanse twice daily using hot steamy shower water to open pores so you can clean them without irritating the follicle, don't use any drying products on the skin, the skin will naturally just make more oil if you do. Always use a toner look for toners with MSM & DMAE two anti-inflammatory ingredients, let your pimples drain when they are ready you could chance them busting under the skin the sebum will infect the healthy tissue eat it and you will have a crater scar as a result. Just because you have acne doesn't mean you skip a moisturizer or SPF both protect and all our necessary. I found many of my clients would tell me they have acne and oily skin when this was not at all true all they had was sensitive skin they were using acne products on, sensitive will breakout from to aggressive an ingredient or handling, it's always a good idea to get analyzed by a professional and most skin analysis's are free consultations, the therapist will be happy to prescribe you skin care right for your skin needs, even if you don't purchase a service.
It's always good to educate yourself on procedures available for your skin, hopefully now you can analysis your skin somewhat even without the technology used in a spa you should have some idea. I recommend you look up the best alternatives for any repair you may be considering getting done. Know what your options are...remember less invasive is always better than a surgical procedure. No the risks involved in all treatments. Look for an informed therapist that is concerned with your needs and desires, not how many chemical peels she can meet her bonus by doing. To get that kind of care don't go to chains, to them it's all numbers and add on sales. No how much professional training your therapist has been to after she finished her initial mandatory training, this tells you a lot about how much a person loves what they do. There is lots of additional training out there for us and new ingredients and technology are growing rapidly science is developing amazing stuff for skin, today people are looking for products that work combined with the latest technology, they want to understand risk and results. Many want organic and holistic non-invasive, combined with wellness, this is where Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa fits in!
Come see any time and experience the difference!
Thank You, Hope Owner
Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa
1900 W. Arbrook Blvd. Suite 126
Arlington TX 76015
We have another educational article I recommend...."What Skin Is Made Of", this is another good read remember education is prevention!

Owner Of Urskinsworthit Since 2010 Author Hope

Free Skin Analysis With Cleanse & Consultation


New 2014 Non-Invasive

State of The Art

Skin Technologies

Now Available At

Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa

In Arlington Texas

What Technology Can You Expect At Urskinsworthit?

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation of the outer dead layers of skin. This procedure removes the outermost layer of skin cells and stimulates cell growth in the underlying dermis. Microdermabrasion helps give a smoother, fresher appearance to the skin.

Digital Bio-Lift Microcurrent Face & Body

Often called the "Lunchtime Face lift" or "Non-surgical face lift", Microcurrent Technology utilizes electrical impulses to help increase ATP and collagen production. This enables the tightening and toning of the skin and muscles in the treatment area to provide a youthful and vigorous look.

In the hands of a properly trained operator, the microcurrent can retrain the muscles beneath the skin eliminating dynamic expression lines and wrinkles while lifting and toning the skin.

Galvanic Face & Body

Penetrates the skin surface utilizing an electrical current. The galvanic treatment has two functions: the first, Iontoderm promotes with deep skin cleansing and the second, Iontophoresis facilitates cream, lotion, and solution penetration deep into the skin.

Iontoderm (Disincrustation): This is a deep pore cleansing chemical process which turns natural oils in the skin (sebum) into soap (saponification) for deep dermis cleansing.
Iontophoresis: This function facilitates product penetration, a process based on the process at the poles, like magnets. While using this Galvanic Current, there are two (2) Poles, Positive and Negative: Positive Pole: Hardens and Firms Tissue - Soothes Nerves - Reduces Redness - Germicidal Negative Pole: Softens and Relaxes Tissue - Irritates Follicles and Stimulates Cells - Increases Blood Supply - Germicidal.

High Frequency Face & Body

Ultraviolet Electrodes sterilize skin and increases circulation. This machine kills bacteria to eliminate and speed healing of blemishes.
4 Glass Electrodes: Violet Argon Gas Glass Electrodes include

Mushroom Electrode for broad treatment areas such as the forehead.
Spoon Electrode for targeted sensitive areas such as dark circles/bags beneath eyes.
Sparker (Zapper) Electrode for precise sparking and sterilization of pimples.
Rake/Comb Electrode to stimulate scalp circulation to encourage new hair gro

Gentle Exfoliating Massage Brush Machine

Circular Brush Attachments rotate to aid in the application of solutions and creams to the skin. Aids in exfoliation and provides a gentle massage action to the skin during application. The massage brushes that come with this machine are made with 100% natural goat-hair bristles that provide a dense, soft, rich experience for your clients.
Natural Fiber Massage Brush Attachments Included:
Large Brush for broad areas such as cheek and forehead
Small Brush for targeted or sensitive areas such as around or beneath eyes
Large Buffer to provide gentle exfoliation action to broad areas
Small Buffer to provide gentle exfoliation action to targeted or sensitive areas
Large Applicator Sponge expedites application of solutions, lotions, serums and creams
Variable Speed Control to tailor your treatment to your client's comfort levels
Variable Spin Direction to make your job easier as you utilize the brush machine on different sides of the face

Vacuum Extractor

Utilize the Vacuum Device with glass ventouse attachments to remove pimples and blackheads. Larger ventouse can be used for extraction of troublesome cysts and comedones.

Color Coded Vacuum Hose for safety and protection of your customers and your Vacuum machine
3 Glass Ventouse Attachments:
Round Ventouse - for spot treatments to apply treatment to small pimples and blackheads.
Flat Ventouse - for broad strokes on the skin to extract dirt and impurities from pores.
Bulb Ventouse - for high pressure extractions. Good for large cysts.

Spray Diffuser

Spray Mist function provides a light refreshing mist you can apply for a cooling and hydrating effect.

2 spray bottles included for various solutions
Color Coded Spray Hose for safety and protection of your Machine
Easy to use facial option.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

This procedure is used to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin. The skin scrubber safely removes the top layer of dead skin cells while blasting the pores clean with its vibrations. The Ultrasonic sends streams of high speed vibrations into the epidermis layers at incredible speeds of 28,000 vibrations per second.

These safe high frequency vibrations are scientifically designed to remove any imperfections under the skin such as dead skin cells, dirt and grease particles and black and white heads. It is recommended to use a liquid astringent with Aloe Vera or plain water during this procedure.

Ultrasonic Massage (Sonophoresis)

The Ultrasonic Massage device utilizes Massage Probes to send streams of high speed ultrasonic vibrations into the skin layers at incredible speeds of 28,000 vibrations per second. These safe vibrations are scientifically designed to break down and help remove imperfections under the skin such as dead skin cells, dirt and grease particles and black and white heads. The added benefit is a lifted effect that creates ultra-smooth, soft skin

Herbal Aromatherapy Digital Facial Steamer

This herbal aromatherapy steamer arm moves up and down with pivot motion. The steamer heats distilled water to produce a high pressure steam for delivery to the skin. This helps to open pores and relaxes face muscles to aid in the extraction of impurities.

Hot & Cold Massage Hammer Module

The Hot/Cold hammer is a simple but very effective tool for use during a facial treatment. Both sides of the hammer head simultaneously reach two different temperatures for both a hot and a cold treatment.
Hot Treatment: One side of the hammer will reach a toasty hot temperature for use in stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin and to relax and open pores.
Cold Treatment: The other side of the hammer reaches a frosty cool temperature. This provides a cool soothing effect to overheated or tired skin - great for use after a steam treatment. The cold hammer is a great way to close pores after you have finished a moisturizing treatment - locking moisture into the skin.

Magic Gloves Microcurrent Bio-Lift Massage

Use these gloves to provide a more intimate and controlled Iontophoresis treatment for your clients. Magic gloves are designed with two poles (positive and negative) to enhance the ability of water soluble active molecules to penetrate deep into the skin surface.
Silver Fiber Magic Gloves are one size fits all
Gloves pulse with painless microcurrent electricity to deliver serums and products deep into your clients skin
Much more intimate and easier to control than galvanic electrodes
Electric stimulation tightens and tones muscles - reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Helps to normalize the skin to provide a clear, glowing complexion without oily and dry patches.

Muscle Toning & Fat Burning
Electro-Stimulation Module

Electro-Stimulation is a simple non-invasive treatment that is utilized widely for muscle stimulation and fat-burning. Electro-stimulation works on electrical impulses that cause muscles to contract – the same as if you were utilizing the muscles themselves. This method is widely used in physical therapy offices and has recently become widely popular for spa use in the burning of fat tissue and toning of musculature.
Some popular uses for electro-stimulation:

Ease of lower back and neck pain
Quicker post-workout recovery
Improves stamina and endurance
Low impact gain of muscle tone, strength, and responsiveness
Improve blood circulation

Infrared European Sauna Blanket Module

Infrared Sauna Blankets are a popular new salon and spa treatment option that will offer a relaxing, luxurious treatment for your clients. The blanket utilizes two layers of infrared heat for your client and offers many beneficial effects

Sauna blankets often are used in conjunction with wraps (such as seaweed wraps, mud wraps, or salt scrubs) and with serums and oils to open pores and facilitate absorption and effectiveness of these Infrared European Sauna Blankets.

Stimulate the shrinking and dissolving of fat molecules
Enhance metabolism
Relieve bloating and water retention
Promote blood circulation for detoxification
Muscle relaxation
Pain relief
Anti-inflammation and relief for sore muscles

Needle-Free Mesotherapy (Aquaphoresis)
Fat Burning & Cellulite Smoothing Module

Many people are affected by unsightly dimpling cellulite and dull sagging skin. Needle-Free Mesotherapy offers a way to combat these issues in a safe, non-invasive technique that you can offer at your salon or spa.

Unlike traditional Mesotherapy, needle-free Mesotherapy (often called "Aquaphoresis") does not require a series of injections. In the hands of a properly trained technician, there is little discomfort, no pain, and no bruising.

Needle-Free Mesotherapy utilizes a low-energy laser in combination with a safe, alternating electrical current to treat sagging skin and cellulite. This treatment increases micro capillary circulation, promotes healthy elastin and collagen, targets cellulite tissue, and enhances lymph drainage.

Needle-free Mesotherapy helps to deliver therapeutic agents through the skin to targeted areas with specially formulated serums and gels.

Mode for Skin Lift & Firming, Skin Lightening and Deep Moisturizing
Mode for Sensitive Skin Mode
Mode for Oily and Acne Prone Skin Treatment
Mode to treat Extra Dry Skin and High Cellulite Areas

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In The News....What's New...What's Safe & What's Not Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

What's New...What's Safe & What's Not...


 Hi, I'm Hope owner of Urskinsworthit. Thanks for visiting, In The News! I love peels and they have been a buzz word in this industry since 1980 AHA was introduced. In the spas they call it a revitalizing facial usually for about $70-$100 you can receive a facial with a peel. Is it gonna change the way your skin looks with one peel? Here's why customers keep coming to me, I always give the client realistic predictions of what they will get from products and treatments. The truth is...Yes a peel done effectively will change the feel and look of your skin! You may also be asking for trouble! So let me give you a more clearer understanding on what a peels can do for your skin, how they also can harm it and how many does it take to get the results you are hoping for. 

What Do Peels Fix...

Chemical peel treatments is to restore fresher skin that has more color, smoothness, and better tone. The face peel helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration, usually in the form of liver spots and age spots caused by UV-ray damage. Skin discoloration may also be in the form of other conditions, such as melasma spots, or unsightly birthmarks and moles, or from the skin's historical battle with acne. Acne scarring also presents textural issues that can be treated with chemical peels. Shave bumps and scars common in men of color can also benifit from chemical peel treatments. Other treatable textural-skin conditions are fine lines stemming from the eyes--- and around the mouth. The skin condition and patient objectives will dtermine what acids are used in the peel.

How Chemical Peels Work

A face peel treatment is performed by a trained medical professional . An acid peel is applied to the patient's facial skin. The chemical peel is left on for a varying amount of time that depends on the depth of the peel, averaging 10-to-30 minutes. When the peel is removed, it takes with it the surface layer of skin cells. Intense, abrasive solutions are peeled off when the skin begins to blister. The goal is to reveal a new layer of healthy skin cells, which results in a smoother texture and more even pigmentation.

Mild chemical peel use alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), in different concentrations. A glycolic acid peel is the type of AHA normally used. AHA's are used in mild peels because they are effective in yielding desired results without harsh side effects or high risk to sensitive skin. The AHA can shed the skin of old, un-heatlhy, and useless skin cells to reveal a new surface skin layer. AHAs also hydrate the skin, and, used in conjunction with a bleaching agent, can reduce the appearance of discoloration, such as age spots. Glycolic acid improves the complexion and lends radiance to the skin. The effects of the AHA peel are short-term, lasting from a few weeks to a few months.

The medium chemical peels penetrate the skin more deeply than superficial peels and cause a second-degree burn of the skin. Trichloroacetic acid (tca peel)is the main peeling agent used for medium peels.Medium chemical peels may be done in several steps using a different chemical solution followed by trichloroacetic acid. It can also treat conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles while removing blemishes and correcting pigmentation

Phenol is used for deep chemical peels. Phenol offers full-face peeling when sun damage or wrinkling is severe. It can also be used to treat limited areas of the face, such as deep wrinkles around the mouth, but it may permanently bleach the skin, leaving a line of demarcation between the treated and untreated areas that must be covered with makeup.

Warning Peels From China On Sale On The Internet

 Number one...do not try to do a professional peel at home if you are not licensed to do so. I know China has them on the internet and they sell them at different strengths of up to 70% which legally only a dermatologist can administer in the US. I also have found many complaints of these peels seriously harming the skin or they are not really 70% peels at all, but watered down false advertisement. I myself would never let a doctor do a peel on me or any one of my clients over 50%. The chance of making things worse is to high and I can get the same results by doing a series of peels safely, then one peel with all the down time and healing of a stronger peel. I like peels that are 20%-35% for my clients and myself. I also like my clients using Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids at home in the skincare no higher then 5% this enhances the series offering better results. I get into how serious a peel can damage your skin later in this articular.

Sun & It's Effects On The Skin 

 Well I live in Texas where the sun is shinning all year long so I see a lot of sun damage dark spots called hyper-pigmentation. I also have a ranch in Big Bend which is the desert mountains there you not only see sun damage but also the sun can wrinkle the skin like nothing else. These are my clients. What is sad... the sun is becoming more harmful. I notice the age of the client with these issues is getting younger. I have recently noticed even children with hyper & hypo-pigmentation mostly in the kids of mixed ethnicity. I believe these skin problems will become a growing issue in our younger generations. The problem could be stopped by simply applying broad spectrum sunscreen frequently during the day. One more thing tanning beds who ever designed such a harmful product should be doing life in prison. There is a solution for those who want a tan and want to protect there skin at the same time and that is using bronzing powders lotions and spray tanning with titanium oxide in them. I would want to no if there are any toxins in the product before I put it on my skin or my clients, but rest assure this way won't age of cause hyper-pigmentation spots if the ingredients are safe.  

 Receiving peels in the summer...

 I recommend getting peels during the winter months or rainy seasons. I have to tell you getting peels in the summer is dangerous. The chance of creating more damage is very high. Any chance of sun or heat on your skin after a peel can cause pain, plus can result in more hyper-pigmentation then you went in with. There are some ways to avoid this and I recommend you take this seriously. I always use SPF50 broad spectrum sunscreen on my clients after any peel. I also require my clients to wear a floppy hat with a large brim to protect their skin. I start their car and put the AC on for them before they leave to insure their skin won't get heated up after a peel. I make them buy sunscreen and use my skincare especially my Konjac Pre-Moistened Cloths I have them use for 4-5 days after a peel. The Konjac not only heals and nourishes it leaves a protective barrier from FREE Radical Damage. Remember to get out of your car as soon as possible UV rays can do much damage threw windows remember this if you are sitting by a window at home or out in public. 

 If you get a chemical peel in the summer you are at high risk of making matters worse. To avoid this follow the steps above carefully, there's nothing like throwing your money away by creating bigger problems! 

Other Contraindications With Peels 

You should not have a chemical peel if you:

*Continue to have excessive sun exposure
*Have active Herpes Simplex, Warts, history of Keloidal scarring
*Underwent any type of recent facial surgical procedures
*Used Accutane in the last year (which increases your chances of excessive scarring) or on an active high dose B5 supplement
*Pregnant or Lactating
*Have any auto immune diseases
*Have had any recent radioactive or Chemotherapy treatments
*Have sunburn, windburn or broken skin or have recently waxed or have recently used a depilatory such as Nair® or use Vaniqua®.

Significant complications with chemical peels are infrequent, but potential complications include:

*Temporary or permanent changes in skin or uneven tone (especially with Phenol peels). These include: Hyper-pigmentation (a darkening of the skin, treatable in  most cases with current bleaching techniques) and Hypo-pigmentation (a lightening of the skin, more difficult to treat)
*Cold sores breakouts in patients who have a history of recurring blisters and cold sores, like herpes and shingles. (An anti-viral medication before and after the procedure can help to prevent this).
*Risks for those with a family history of heart disease (Phenol peel only).

* Allergic Reactions, to avoid this your skin therapist or doctor is required to do a patch test and a consultation each time you return if you are having a series of  treatments.

Why Do A Peel

Superficial peels are used to improve the appearance of pigment changes in the skin, acne scars, mild sun damage, or fine wrinkles in all skin types. They can be done on the face and on other parts of the body. A superficial peel may also be used to prepare the skin for a deeper peel.

Medium peels are used to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, long-term sun damage, pigment changes, and precancerous lesions of the skin (usually caused by sun exposure). Medium peels are used most often on the face.

Deep peels are used to treat severe wrinkles, long-term sun damage, pronounced pigment changes, and lesions and growths on the skin. They are done only on the face. Deep peels are not done on darker skin types, because they bleach the skin.

Recovery Time

Recovery time after a chemical peel depends on what kind of peel was done and how deep it was. With all types of peels, proper care of the skin after the peel is very important to speed healing, help results last longer, prevent infection, and avoid color changes in the treated area caused by sun exposure. Proper skin care after a peel is very similar to the care used to prepare for a peel and typically involves:
Cleansing the skin frequently with water or a special wash that your surgeon tells you to use.
Changing the dressing or ointment on the wound (for medium and deep peels).
Moisturizing the skin daily.
Avoiding any sun exposure until peeling has stopped and sunscreen can be used. After peeling has stopped, sunscreen should be used every day. New skin is more susceptible to sun damage.
Some doctors may also recommend using tretinoin cream nightly, usually starting 2 to 3 weeks after the peel.

Superficial peels
Superficial peels are done on an outpatient basis, do not require anesthesia, and cause only slight discomfort afterwards. Most people can return to their normal activities immediately. The skin heals quickly after a superficial peel. The skin may turn pink, and usually only minimal peeling occurs. You can use makeup to hide any redness until it fades.

Medium peels
Medium peels are usually done on an outpatient basis, but you may need to take a few days off work to recover. A medium peel causes a second-degree burn of the skin. The skin takes 5 to 7 days to heal to a point where you can use makeup to hide the redness caused by the peel. There is little or no pain after the peel, but there may be some swelling, especially if the area around the eyes is treated. The skin will turn reddish brown in 2 to 3 days, become crusty, and then flake and peel over the next few days.

Deep peels
A deep peel causes a deeper second-degree burn of the skin. Skin regrowth takes between 10 to 14 days after a deep peel. The skin remains extremely red for 3 weeks, up to 2 months for some people. Most people take about 2 weeks off from work. Complete healing of the skin may take several months.
Oral pain relievers may be given to reduce pain after the peel.
Some people have severe swelling, especially around the eye area. Elevating the head may reduce the swelling to some extent, and corticosteroids may be used for more severe swelling.
You may be given a short course of antiviral and antibiotic medicines to prevent infection after the peel.
Proper wound care is extremely important after a deep peel to speed healing and prevent infection of the wound. You may be asked to shower several times a day to reduce crusting. And you may have to return to the doctor's office frequently to have the wound cleaned and checked.

What Type Of Results 

Chemical peels are designed to wound and remove the upper layers of the skin. You need to prepare yourself for how your skin will look immediately after the peel and throughout the healing process. You also need to be prepared to use cosmetics to blend skin tones between treated and untreated areas, such as between the face and jawline.
It is important that your doctor understand what you hope to achieve and that you understand what results you can realistically expect. Even with realistic expectations, you may not see results for several weeks or months after a chemical peel.

Options for skin resurfacing

Chemical peel, dermabrasion, laser and needling resurfacing are the most commonly used techniques for improving the texture and appearance of the skin. Although these techniques use different methods, they have basically the same effect on the skin-they destroy and remove the upper layers of skin to allow for skin regrowth.
No one technique is necessarily better than the others. When done by an experienced surgeon, laser resurfacing may be slightly more precise than chemical peeling or dermabrasion. But the choice of technique is based on the site you want to treat, your skin type and condition, the doctor's experience, your preferences, and other factors. Some people may get the best results using a combination of techniques.


What Are Peels Made Of Are They Natural Ingredients

Glycolic Acid(AHA)
Salicylic Acid (BHA)
Lactic Acid

Kojic Acid

Jessner's Peel (a combination of salicyclic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid mixed in ethanol)

TCA (Trichloracetic Acid)
Active ingredients used in deep chemical peels
Baker's Phenol

Many peels use buffers to prevent irritation and almost all peels require a neutralizer to restore the pH to 5.5 

Yes... Most peels Are Made From Natural Ingredients


I have seen great results with peels. Done properly you can achieve great success. If your doing peels for corrective skin care it usually takes a series of treatments usually 3 weeks apart up to 10 treatments. Make sure your doctor or therapist does patch skin tests and you use the prescribed skin care at home properly. Always check the ingredients on the skin care for toxic chemicals. Stay out of the sun, use sunscreen keep cool and do not exfoliate including hair removal. Follow all instructions carefully! 


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In The News....Dermal Fillers

What's New & What's Safe & What's Not...

 Today science and technology are learning so much about Botanical's, Technology, Needling, Parabens, Fillers, Botox, Stem Cells, Cosmetic Surgery, Suppplements, Tea & Skin Care.  What can all this new knowledge do for the skin? Long ago and still today women and men needing corrective skin care are undergoing treatments that are nothing more then scientific experiments, not knowing for sure what the side effects could be or if they are safe! Today in the marketing industry there is a great deal of false claims! Today everyone wants results immediately or they are not satisfied. This I believe is do to the pharmaceutical, chemical, surgical and industrialized food industries marketing techniques. People believe the FDA is protecting them and all things are safe. If you look at all the new disease in the US alone today... you should be smart enough to realize this couldn't be further from the truth! On the other hand the science technology and research have developed many new positive results in the holistic industry without the side effects, toxins, burns, scars or any other hazardous complications in the need or desire to have beautiful skin! With a little digging on the internet and from past experience, I hope to help the consumer make wise and educated choices before they do something they may regret the rest of their life!

What's Safe...What's Your Options...What Can You Expect...What To Avoid...

Dermal Fillers

Let's begin with fillers! If you never heard of this it is injections designed to fill in where there is loss of tissue from aging skin! Fill in the wrinkles, we all want that! What is the safest thing on the market today? Collagen from your own body! What is wrong with fillers today? Not to long ago using fillers from animals including pigs, cows and chickens where to be administered with a skin test 29 days prior to the actual service. Today most have done away with this policy! The problem with that is just like the rejection of a new organ or an allergy, your body may reject the collagen administered from an animal. This is serious and you could pay for the rest of your life with some serious hideous complications! Look at the photo below and make sure your doctor follows the 29 day skin test policy when using collagen from animals!

News Fillers What's Safe & What's Not? Reaction To Fillers From Animals

 Did I get my point across... what would you do if this happened to you? You can be proud of yourself, you are one of the few... investigating choices you may be making in your future with your body! Now lets get to fillers from dead people...yes it's true when you sign up for donor your collagen may be making a big difference in someones life! Is it safe or not? One thing is for sure it is more expensive! Yes it is much safer...there are some cases of rejection, know where near as many side effects or allergies with animal collagen. Cadavers is a much safer treatment. Should you get a skin test prior to the treatment? Yes, there is always a slight chance for rejection! Now let's talk about what's safe? You can while undergoing any surgery especially while having a tummy tuck, breast reduction or face lift procedure or by just having a skin graft, have your doctor use your own skin and extract your collagen from it. Then inject it where there's loss of tissue in the wrinkle, with no complications. Except placement of the injection site not being incorrect. Your collagen can be saved up to six years for future injections when needed! The cost is the highest, but well worth it! Fillers can make a big difference in a persons face, many find fillers to be very rewarding! I recommend you also research all you can find out about where and who is doing this procedure on you!

 One more thing...Dermal Fillers only last about six months and an be enhanced when combined with Botox. These treatments can get rather costly on average you will spend as little as $500 and as much as $1200-$1800 every six months. 

I highly recommend practicing good home care maintenance of your skin. Using excellent products, drinking plenty of water, getting a sufficient amount of rest, plus exercise and eat a healthy diet! 

You may want to look at our skin care we offer amazing ingredients like DMAE & MSM. DMAE from salmon will increase the muscle tone reducing wrinkle depth up to 33% you will see visible results in 20 minutes and it's lasts all day! MSM is sulfur and it is an anti-inflammatory reduces congestion, puffiness around the eye's and improving elasticity. Vitamin C Ester the wonder of all skin care ingredients protects you from UVA & UVB the number one cause of photo-aging. We also combine wellness teas for added preventative daily maintenance. I recommend you try our products before you consider any invasive procedure! The media tells us treating the symptom with instant results is the way to go. They couldn't be more wrong! In the growing industry of holistic wellness, treating the cause of the symptom make take a bit longer, but the rewards last a life time without any side effects! 

Now isn't your skin worth it? 


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News Whats Safe In Fillers Fillers Using Your Collagen

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