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When you’re trying to find the best CBD, There's are a few important things to consider...

  • What States Is CBD  Legal 

Our CBD oil products are available for purchase in all 50 states. In fact, we were the first company to ship CBD oil products over state lines to customers throughout the U.S. Since then, thousands of customers have ordered CBD oil products from HempMeds® brands like Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ and Dixie Botanicals®. You can also travel with our CBD oil products, so you never need to be without your CBD supplement, even when on the road. For worldwide travel, vets, children, jobs or doctors requiring Drug Screening, Don't Worry try our RSHO-X line 100% Free of any THC.

  • Amount of CBD

CBD oil products can contain anywhere from 5mg of CBD per serving, all the way up to 190mg per serving. In general, we recommend that you start with a lower concentration of CBD, and work your way up if necessary. Although if you're using CBD because you are deficient in cannabinoids and your endocrine system is lacking its ability to balance your needs, a professional consultation, discussing it with your doctor and finally, careful monitoring is recommended for optimal results.

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  • Budget

As a general rule, price varies with the amount of CBD in a product. We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising quality, including the best natural ingredients, state of the art manufacturing, and thorough Triple Lab Testing™.


Our goal is to help you get the best results from your CBD product as cost effective as possible. A wide range of our CBD oil products are available for less than $30 for a monthly supply or as much as $300 depending on the grade, amount of CBD, type of extraction process. What is right for your body and your budget. We do offer discounts on our high-end products when possible.

  • Taste & Convenience

Our pure CBD oil extracts are our most potent products RSHO, but they’re not necessary for everyone. If you’d prefer something with a great flavor (or no taste at all), or a product you can take with you on the go, we have plenty of options.
Our CBD oil is also available in capsules, liquids, chewing gum, organic topicals and more.



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CBD oil does not get you high

 Let’s cut to the chase and get right to the point: Noooope. CBD oil does not get you high. CBD oil is not psychoactive and does not affect or influence your mind, your thoughts, or your behavior negatively. No, nope, nah, napes, nix, nay, no way-no how, uh-uh! No way, CBD oil does not get its user high.


We don’t make specific medical claims, doctors and researchers are convinced that CBD oil can be used for medicinal purposes.


Our hemp is grown free of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers to protect our customers from any residual contamination, making our hemp oil products as safe as they can be from the earliest stages of our process.


To protect the health of your family we produce only highest quality CBD oil supplements.  to the strictest testing process in our Triple Lab Tested™ standard. 


 Urskinsworthit CBD AND AGING:


Did you know that endocannabinoid deficiency is common as we age? With that said, CBD has a mountain of anecdotal evidence in the community pointing towards the improvement of skin, physical conditions, mental disorders, debilitating or chronic conditions, sleep, and help with overall wellness. There are over 23,000 studies more by the month. CBD potentially beneficial for Alzheimer’s Disease.

CBD Luxury Accupressure touch therapy designed to balance, relax, nourish CBD Topicals for a new beautiful look and feel inside and out!

CBD Touch Therapy a unique & memorable experience

Our experienced beauty and wellness professionals are constantly up to date with the latest trends and best practices. We are passionate in bringing you fresh looks and styles.

What Makes CBD Essential 

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