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Reflexology & Accuspressure & Stone Therapies

Experience the healing power of a reflexology and acupressure massage at Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa. These ancient techniques involve finger pressure applied to healing points to restore balance and stimulate the body's natural healing ability.


  • One-hour reflexology, acupressure and stone therapy massage
  • Choose foot, ankle, and calf treatment or face, neck, Back and decollete treatment
  • We Cleanse Then Use Steam Towels With Detoxifying Essential OIls 
  • Treatment manipulates the power and sensitivity of the hands and feet to address stress-related ailments
  • Can help improve circulation, drain lymph system, relieve stress and pain, and leave you with a vibrant outlook on life
  • Leave feeling refreshed and renewed
  • Essential Oils With The Acupressure Designed To Meet The Clients Needs

We can fully customize any one of our fabulous body treatments to meet your needs a deepest desires. We are skilled in corrective body treatments. Including, Chemical Peels for discolorations, eczema, dry patches, breakouts, aging, toning, weight loss, detox, lymph drainage, shiatsu, ultasound massage therapy, microdermabrasion, infared sauna and more! We do Digital Skin, Hair & Iris Analysis with progress reports on all our corrective and wellness therapies!


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Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa in Arlington TX  


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  • Stephanie Campbell (Wednesday, October 04 17 03:02 pm EDT)

    Interested in your Infrared Sauna.

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