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Experience the healing power of a reflexology and acupressure massage at Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa. These ancient techniques involve finger pressure applied to healing points to restore balance and stimulate the body's natural healing ability.

  • One-hour reflexology and acupressure massage
  • Choose foot, ankle, and calf treatment or face, neck, and decollete treatment
  • We Cleanse Then Use Steam Towels With Detoxifying Essential OIls 
  • Treatment manipulates the power and sensitivity of the hands and feet to address stress-related ailments
  • Can help improve circulation, relieve stress and pain, and leave you with a vibrant outlook on life
  • Leave feeling refreshed and renewed
  • Essential Oils With The Acupressure Designed To Meet The Clients Needs

We can fully customize any one of our fabulous body treatments to meet your needs a deepest desires. We are skilled in corrective body treatments. Including, Chemical Peels for discolorations, eczema, dry patches, breakouts, aging, toning, weight loss, detox, lymph drainage, shiatsu, ultasound massage therapy, microdermabrasion, infared sauna and more! We do Digital Skin, Hair & Iris Analysis with progress reports on all our corrective and wellness therapies!


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Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa in Arlington TX  


Body Treatments Services Include Infrared Sauna

Botanical Buff Exfoliating Back Facial 1hr.

  • Dermal clay cleanse with our Prickly Pear & Poppy Seed Microderm exfoliating polish.

Mr. Salty Back Treatment

  • Dermal clay detoxifying cleanse and Turmeric Neem Scrub Polishes smoothes and relieves inflammation, will treat chronic skin disorders like eczema, dry skin, acne, psoriasis 

Heaven Scent Essential Body Therapy

  • This is a customized signature body facial with customized botanical's vaporized detoxifying double cleanse and enzyme pineapple and papaya hydrating and exfoliating body mask finished with Rose Hips & Hibiscus Soothing repairing lotion

Peppermint Patty Bio-Lift Micro Current Therapy

  • Exfoliating cleanse and tone followed with our special penetrating fat burning lifting gel and bio-Lift body lift technology Finished with our hydrating peppermint patty cream...Yummy

Ripple Reducer (Needle FREE Mesotherapy)

  • Exfoliating cleanse and tone, Fat reducing body lift technology combined with our shatavari Ripple Reducer Essential oil includes laser light toning therapy! Results last up to 4 weeks 3-4 treatments results last up to 6 months.

Body Builder Electrolysis Therapy

  • Relax while you work out the results will amaze you great with any facial treatment. will hook you up after a exfoliating cleanse wrap you up n are fat burning infrared sauna blanket and let the technology do the work!

Hot Stuff Body Therapy

  • This treatment uses our Ultra Sonic Massage therapy and our hot hammer therapy to relieve pain and penetrate our fabulous nourishing skin care products!

Great Expectations Bio-Lift Body Treatment

  • This body treatment is our Exotic Moisture Dew Facial on the body using Bio-Lift Technology to enhance the muscle tone and penetrate these exotic ingredients. 

Cold As Ice Body Therapy

  • When the workout is over and it's time to recover, we have a short list of things we'd like to do to help us relax: get a full-body massage; take a nice hot shower; maybe sip a protein shake and play some X-Box. An ice bath doesn't immediately come to mind. But according to many top strength coaches who work with pro athletes, cold therapy is something that can make a big difference in the way your body recovers. WHY IT WORKS After a workout, your body needs to "repair" itself to prepare for the next training session. It does so with the help of blood vessels that bring oxygen to your muscle tissue while removing waste products of exercise — the most common being lactic acid. Too much lactic acid build-up can cause your muscles to function poorly and will often lead to fatigue. Cold Therapy will immediately reduce swelling while flushing lactic acid out plus lymph drainage of toxins of your body. When you get cold therapy — or when you rub a cup of ice on the muscles you just trained — the cold causes your blood vessels to tighten. This helps drain the lactic acid out of your tired muscles. When you leave, your muscle tissue warms back up, causing a return of oxygenated blood to help your muscles recover. I get many from the the gyms up the street and my fitness unkies love it!

Back In Time Multi Fruit Body Peel

  • This is a enzyme peel for the body causes a flow of fiberblasts creating new collagen threwout your entire body! Using our 3 Day Lift Duo Complex & Serum to cause chains of immediate amino acid chains to form and requvinate your skin likenever before!

Add Microdermabrasion To Body Treatment

  • Love it on your face try it on the body


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