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Customized Corrective Skin Thearpy Using Hydro-Jet Peel

Aug 17, 2015
Urskinsworthit Wellness Spa
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New Hydro-Jet Peel 

Customization & Correcting Skin Is What We Do Best Hydro-Jet Peel Urskinsworthit!


Perfect For Summer

Hydro-Jet Peel

Special Offer

Limited Time Only $120






It’s here…I purchased this device hoping to eliminate Diamond Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels for the summer months. After I performed the service on myself and a dozen of my clients, I was hooked! Not only can I eliminate services that require healing time and the risk of making matters worse in the summer months in Texas, I found this service could put to shame all big ticket invasive services like laser and micro needling used at other spas. Corrective Non-Invasive Treatments is our specialty, but I needed a safer summer corrective treatment. Little did I know, Hydro-Jet Peel would be so amazing! I’m the queen of peels in the DFW area, loving chemical peels and repairing skin is what I do best. Hydro-Jet Peel just changed that! I may never have to apply deep peels to correct damaged skin that we so frequently see, at Urskinsworthit again! Today I can repair with Hydro-Jet Peel, a new pain free treatment with zero healing time!

Just imagine correcting your skin infirmities with distillates, tinctures and peptides. Say goodbye too…enlarged pores, acne, discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and dull lifeless skin.

We can completely customize this service using only the best purest hydrosols like cucumber, chamomile, witch hazel and benzoin, orange blossom and rose distillates customized tinctures like neem for acne, multi-enzyme tincture or multi-aha fruit tinctures for exfoliation plus lighting ingredients for discolorations and peptides to erase signs of aging and skin that’s mal-nourished or dehydrated. Hydro-Jet Peel uses water to penetrate the skin and deep clean and nourish threw the pores, all while removing keratinized dead skin cells that are stained by free-radicals like UV and pollution keeping good nourishing products from ever penetrating. You will feel the skin tighten, feeling clean, cool, fresh and well hydrated.  Yes, sometimes it takes a series of treatments to repair skin damaged form using poor products, under nourished, poor lifestyles, picking or poor shaving techniques some skin problems took years to get in this bad of condition to begin with. Hydro-Jet Peel we can have you looking and feeling your best in half the time those more expensive and more invasive treatments, plus eliminating healing time.

This service includes completely customized corrective organic products that meet each client’s needs! Starting with a deep double cleanse and tone. Then a short and sweet massage to pick up any debris and oils possible left in the pores and stimulating blood flow to the surface, containing much needed oxygen and nutrients. Our massage oils are water soluble and high in linoleic acid. Hemp seed oil, rosehip oil and grapeseed oil attracts oil and unwanted debris. Our oils have the ability to thin out thick sticky sebum for easy removal and much deeper cleansing. The fact that they are water soluble, means our next step applying a steam towel with customized essential oils in it, will completely remove the massage oils and all the infectious sebum they picked up deep in the pores. Leaving your skin clean, cool and prepped for a proper skin analysis. Your skin analysis will tell you how many treatments we realistically believe you will need to get to flawless skin, how much it will cost, including what kind of products you should use to accelerate the program and maintain your flawless skin when the treatment plan is completed.

The next step… Hydro-Jet Peel! Just imagine the elixir of life water distributed using an air pressure to correct and rejuvenate your skin, without pain or any healing time.

To complete the service we nourish with our amazing corrective serums and moisturizers and finalize your service with sun protection.

Combine this service with our 3 in 1 device, using penetrating needle-free mesotherapy to pump in key ingredients 2000 times further then topically, non-surgical face lifting micro-current technology reducing wrinkle depth 30%, plus photon light therapy to tighten and grow collagen. All for only $40 turning this service into two full hour for only $150

Rewarding you with flawless skin is what we do best…Now isn’t Urskinsworthit?

Customized 6PC Corrective Professional Skin Care Kit & Training Only $95

Each Kit Includes Our Amazing Loyal Customer Reward Savings Program


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Your Choice Or All Combined Only $90


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60-Minute Microdermabrasion Treatment & Facial Only $120

Deep Double Cleanse-Tone-Enzyme Prep-Diamond Microdermabrasion-Massage

Eye Lift Treatment-Nourish-Hydrate-Moisturize-Protect


One Facial Peel Of Your Choice Only $120

We will completly customize the best chemical peel for you and your desires!

We carry many peels from our enzyme glycolic peels with no down time to our custom deeper peels to correct common skin concerns like acne, shave bumps, discolorations, aging, large pores, even the very senitive or dehydrated skin. We have the perfect peel for all global skin tones, types for men, women and teens. This is one hour you don't want miss!

Deep Double Cleanse-Tone-Massage-Enzyme Prep-Customized Peel-Cold Calming Therapy

Eye Lift-Hydrate-Nourish-Protect



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Get An Amazing Konjac Facial Cleanse Nourish & Exfoliate $10

Urskinsworthit Amazing Konjac Facials

Konjac Facials #2 Amazing Sponges With Amazing Medicinal Properties Only At Urskinsworthit! For Only $10 Experience The Most Amazing Facial & That's Not All...Take Them Home! Konjac's medicinal properties last 15-20 uses. For our loyal customers the Konjac Facial is Only $8 this supplies our loyal customers with a month supply. Each sponge has a smalol string on them to hang up and dry. When the sponge is dry bacteria is dead and it's ready to work again. Also a great gift for the holiadays! This amazing wonder has solved more skin conditions then I can count. Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from this amazing medicinal plant. Ability to balance pH surpasses any skincare on the market today. This amazing sponge feels amazing on skin as it gently exfoliates, nourishes, and kills all bacteria. We also carry a complete line of Konjac Sponges for your home care including Collagen, Green Tea, Bamboo, Charcoal and more. We specialize in holistic corrective therapies. Solving issues of the skin like, PHI post inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scarring, Eczema, Psoriasis, Aging,

 We invite you to join us for a free consultation and digital skin analysis. See our amazing line of prescriptive organic corrective professional skincare and accelerate your corrective treatments in half the time it would take using commercial skincare. Our 6PC customized kits last approximately 6 months and are available for only $90 by purchasing our skincare you become eligible to join our Loyal Customer Reward Program. This is where you begin a series of corrective organic non-invasive corrective treatments and learn a solid and simple home care regimen that delivers flawless skin threw the combined effort between skin therapist and client. 

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Specializing In...

  • Total Holistic Corrective Organic Skin Care
  • Global Skin Solutions Corrective Treatments For All Ethnic Skin Tones
  • Repairing Chronic Skin  Disorders
  • Acne & Acne Scars/ PIH Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Corrective Sun Damage/ Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Corrective Holistic Wellness Tea's/ Botanical's/ Supplements
  • Detox/ Inch Loss/ Cellulite/ Hormonal Balance
  • Advanced Non-Invasive Technology
  • Ayurveda Therapy
  • Acupressure/ Reflexology/MDL Manual Lymph Drainage/ Shiatsu/ European Massage

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FREE Eye Or Lip Treatment With Any Facial

Journey Into The World Of Holistic Wellness

Enjoy the best in natural professional skincare without sulfates, detergents, colors, parabens or toxins! We researched and formulated our professional product line to enhance natural beauty and heal the skin! This is the perfect line for any spa! Our combination of skincare, supplements, wellness teas and botanical's can detoxify, nourish and correct.

Saying goodbye too...acne and acne scarring, shave bumps, discolorations, psoriasis, eczema. We can teach clients and spas how to treat the cause symptoms, thus eliminating the symptom! Heal skin disorders naturally with, holistic corrective skincare key ingredients, chemical peels, formulations, delicious organic wellness teas, botanical's, supplements and amazing corrective konjac sponges in the treatment room and retail.

Affordable Corrective Treatment Plans 

Most corective therapies take more then one treatment. Conditions like acne scarring for example see Nicky in the video above. She joined our loyal customer program! Making her treatments effective and affordable. We are the only spa in town offering this amazing program. She also had sensitive skin and her acne scarring was caused by two things picking and acne products. To read more on PIH post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation see our, "In The News...What's New, Whats Safe & Whats Not" page. Nicky was supplied with samples to assure no allergic reactions, her skin was prepped one month befor chemical peels was administered. Her skin care kit was $90 and her treatments one every 2 weeks for 5 months. We did only medium debpth peels because Nicky did not want extensive down time. She began in January 2014 winter the perfect time inn texas to do corrective chemical peels. She used green tea, neem, licorice root and matcha ginger teas to help with the production of hormonal acne. She also made cold compresses out of her botanicals for inflammation and healing. Her loyal customer reward program was only $65 per visit plus the free eduction. We include what ever it takes to reward you with flawless skin. this means all our electrical modalities like high freguency, galvanic, ultra sound, led therapy, nourishments, samples, customized chemical peels,konjac corrective sponges, plus two hours in our spa every visit!

Continued Education Available For Professionals

Master Skin Therapist In Corrective Skin Care & Master Herbalist In Holistic Medicine

Invest In Your Wellness & Longevity Today! 

Organic Skincare

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Non-Surgical Lift At Urskinsworthit Spa Arlington TX








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Loyal Customer Reward Program Only $60 Save $60

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  • Electrical Modalities FREE Example: Non-Surgical Facelift-Microderm-Galvanic
  • $2 OFF Konjac Speciality Sponges $2 Off Konajc Facial 2 Sponges Good For 1 Month
  • Required Purchase: Prescribed Corrective Organic Start Up Professional 6PC Kit $95 Save $55
  • Hands On Training For Your Home Regimine & Instructions Accelerate Your Progress
  • Overall Wellness & Holistic Medicine Education Included 
  • Amazing 15 Minute Advanced Massage Examples: Acupressure-Reflexology-Lymph Drainage
  • $5 OFF Additional Skin Care Bottles
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  • 10% OFF Wellness Products Example: Wellness Teas, Oils, Tintures, Supplements
  • 15% Gratuities On Services Is Customary

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