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It's Back... Recently I received many comments, wanting more of my much grounded advice when it comes to our skin! FYI…the skin is largest organ of the body! Here’s some of skins main functions…The skin insulates and controls temperature. The skin will detox harmful chemicals, allergies, chronic diseases and infections. The skin absorbs UV and turns it into Vitamin D. Many people living in colder, overcast and rainy areas don’t get as much Vitamin D threw the skin. One problem without Vitamin D is depression, FYI more people in these climates are on anti-depressants then those who live in climates with more sunshine! I recommend about 6000 units of Vitamin D in areas with less sunshine and 2000 units in areas with a great deal of sunshine. Your skin will love you for it! I also so recommend Optidoses of plant derived Multi-Vitamins and lots of B Complex & Vitamin C. Plus plant derived trace minerals in liquid form. Many of these supplements nee d to be in your skincare minus the toxins. Using organic products Zero GMO’s for not only your skincare, but your laundry, diet, supplements, makeup, house hold products, clear plastic contains BPA also a fertility drug, medicines and more. If you care about health, your loved ones health… take the time to research before you purchase.

Research is out free for the picking since computers are in our pockets there is no reason why you use any harmful things in or on your body. Example’s… let’s say you have a 9am appointment with your doctor take a note book right down what his diagnoses, tests and solutions are, ask questions like can I make some lifestyle changes so I won’t have to take pills? Did you know all chronic diseases are toxicity and the drugs doctors prescribe treat the symptom of the disease not the cause! What is after he walks out of the treatment room to write your prescription and follow up info, you get on your pc in your pocket and look for alternative treatment solutions, cause of illness, side effects from medication. After you find other options ask the nurse if you can talk to the one more time and together repair the symptom using holistic medicine and lifestyle changes. Many doctors to our well aware of many alternative therapies and wish all their patients would use nutrition and lifestyle changes to better their own health than wanting a pill to instantly address the symptom not caring at all about the cause! Most want everything to give them instant gratification the media wired us like this in today’s times, but couldn’t be any further for the truth! No one on blood pressure meds needs these meds to cure their blood pressure. When blood pressure meds are truly just for those with poor diet and nutrition. What would happen if you put a little effort into changing your diet? Don’t you realize …the pill treats only your symptom and does absolutely nothing for improving your health?

Let’s Take A Good Look At The Skin…

We are all unique in the DFW area we are seeing PIH Post Inflammatory Pigmentation on not only women over 40 as it was 10 years ago, today we see pigment damage in all global skin colors and ages even teens. So what changed to cause it?

  • Ultra Violet Rays UVA/UVB & UVC

Post Inflammatory Pigmentation is cause… UVA, which penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB & UVC, has long been known to play a major part in skin aging and wrinkling (photo aging), but until recently scientists believed it did not cause significant damage in areas of the epidermis (outermost skin layer) where most skin cancers occur. Studies over the past two decades, however, show that UVA damages skin cells called keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis, where most skin cancers occur. (Basal and squamous cells are types of keratinocytes.) UVA contributes to and may even initiate the development of skin cancers. I see a great deal of sun damage and have been researching ingredients and treatments to repair it. Always maintain non-invasive technology, holistic treatments and ingredients with no down time or chance of infection successfully!

  • Sensitive Skin & Ingredients

Post Inflammatory Pigmentation is one of the most common reasons for discolorations and breakouts often mistaking as acne. I have had a great deal of success repairing this chronic condition. This is so common I’ll bet one out of every five clients come in with this symptom. PIH looks just like acne and every pimple turns into a dark spot. What causes it is the skin is detoxifying the body threw the skin. Something in the body is being eliminated because the body is sensitized usually buy something artificial. Examples: Gluten-Parabens-Sulfates-Fragrances-Sugars Other Then Pure Cane-Fats-Coconut Oil-Stress-Formaldehyde, Bismuth and more. When the body is sensitized buy toxins the body will naturally try to rid it threw the skin, lugs, bowel or bladder. When it is eliminated through the skin you break out. Picking breakouts from allergic reactions not only almost impossible to extract, but will cause the skin to try to protect itself from you causing further injury by making melanin and depositing it over the injury. The more you pick the worse it gets! See a good skin therapist, avoid toxins, wheat, fragrance, laundry soaps use baking soda, dirty makeup brushes, and Konjac Sponges for cleansing skin. Once we find the right skincare trying samples first and a detoxifying probiotic tea and a lot of water the symptom…breakout stops and then we can treat the discolorations using hydro-jet peel with key lighting ingredients plus supplements, peptides and distillates. Plus the correct professional corrective home care accelerating your treatment plan always moving to naturally flawless skin without down time or chance of infection.

  • Shave Bumps

Just like sensitive skin this type of discolorations on the skin comes from improper shave techniques, ingredients used, type of razor. Mostly happens on darker skin types with very curly hair. Using Hydro-Jet Peel after Microdermabrasion after we eliminate any previous skincare in the skin. Using professional corrective organic skincare to accelerate your progress. Another option that corrects breakouts and discolorations is chemical peels this type of treatment can be customized and should be to meets the client’s needs and desires.  With PIH it is wise to repair the discolorations a little at a time since the pigment is created from some kind of trauma in the first place! More is not always any treatment that requires healing time including peels and laser the most common can cause more pigment instead of the desired turn out!

  • Aging

Yes…Aging can cause discolorations too…the cause is from the cell turn over slowing down! Your skin is like a house with the same purposes. The top layer of skin is just like the shingles on the roof held together with shingles and tar paper protecting the house from water, climate and weather causing damage. Also keeps the heat or cool air from escaping so it insulates the house. After time goes on the roofs ware and tear needs to be replaced. Same thing goes for the skin. The surface when we age gets dull, stained, and dehydrated this is because the turnover has slowed down considerably. We are always sheading skin, but as we age the process slows down.  Going to a skin therapist for professional exfoliation will remove the dead, flat, stained, keratinized skin cells. Turning on the collagen production to make new beautiful skin cells.



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